How It Works

What Happens Once I Send In My Tale?
Once your message is sent in, we’ll add it to our website and broadcast it via social media through our partner sites at Author Marketing Club and BookGoodies, giving you exposure to thousands of new readers. You can then also feel free to use the content on your own website.

I Want To Participate,  But I Don’t Know What To Say!
What we’re looking for is an audio or video of you talking about one, or all, of your books. You could simply call in and record a message that goes something like this:

“Hi, my name is Julie Smith and I’m the author of the book “Vampire University”. It’s a book about (insert what book is about here). If you like books about vampires you will enjoy this one.

I came up with the story for the book (insert how you came up with the story idea).

The book is currently for sale on Amazon and Smashwords, and is also available on my website at (give website address).

Thank you for checking out my books. I know you will enjoy them.

Your max time for an audio message is 5-minutes. Ready? Tell your tale!